Sunday, November 27, 2011

"BJP is now getting converted as a rotten congress party... Both Parties cheats the people of our Nation" Jansangi journalist Mr. Jitu Pandya exposed BJP on Gujarati Sidhivat TV Local Channel

Mr. Deepak Churasia, a well known TV Journalist of Star News TV had recently telecast at a special report, at, on a detailed visual comparative picture of high profiled political dramas, played by the leaders of Bharaatiya Janata Party and Congress against each other at a time, when there is peace and no communal disturbance at that moment.And High Profiled leaders of both the political parties made lots of allegations against each other and people of Gujarat was made a silent witness of all these sudden mass political movements... It is also came to know from various news reports that Government of Gujarat, under the rule Chief Minister Mr. Narendra Modi, has also moved all its district collectors, District Development officers, District Information officers and other government machineries, including mamlatdars, primary school teachers and many more to take this Sadbhavana Mission, at all district levels... and so on the leaders of the opposite Congress party also came on the streets with a Unique Satkarma Mission and the whole state of Gujarat has been witnessing unprecedented scenario of a new war of words between various leaders of both the aforesaid power oriented political parties, as if to show the people who is more devoted to maintain more Sadbhavana and the communal harmony in the state... And as great surprise of all these episodes, the platforms of Sadbhavana Fast of CM Narendra Modi was mostly used to talk against the Central Government and its supremos, by BJP's invited National Leaders, even though Sadbhavana Mission was organized there only at the instance of Gujarat State Government...!!! So, irrespective of the allegations and abuses made by the political leaders of both the barking political parties against each others, the judicially prudent people of Gujarat now ask to the Nation at such a juncture, if a State can use its wings, machinery and public money for any political aims and ambitions in the name of so-called Sadbhavana, when there is no communal disturbance or any immense apprehension, asking to maintain public tranquility in the State..!!! Many people are still surprised why such Sadbhavana Movements are promoted by State Government and the public servants are directed and engaged to maintain these shows in the State, even at the costs of public amenities and facilities... What is the need or apprehension, caused to the Chief Minister of Gujarat to field with Fast for such kinds of state-wide Sadbhavana Mission ??? !!! Does the State of Gujarat has no other mission left in the interest and welfare of the people of the State ? News reports say lots of things everyday..But a recent shocking TV at a Gujarati Sidhivaat Local TV Channel, a senior devoted Jansangi journalist Mr. Jitu Pandya exposed the current moves of both the political parties in the state of Gujarat, at his released video with a saying that "BJP is now getting converted as a rotten congress party... Both these Parties cheats the people of our Nation" The people of Gujarat will find the truth behind this TV Report...but the questions of this point of time are still significant.. Is not this a big corruption and cheating with the sentiments of the people of our State by the leaders of our Country ?? Immunity of the people in power is rather a great nuisance, for which some concrete actions or enactment is the prime essence of the that our leaders may be restrained to waste the public money and machinery and can be stopped to play with the sentiments of the law abiding people, in the name of caste, state and religion...

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