Saturday, January 9, 2016

Are our survey for competitive purpose only? Why the concerned public officers are not made responsible

There are lots of government as well as global survey, made every day and put in public to appreciate or degrade someone somewhere.. The vital question is that whether such survey made at the costs of the public money are simply made for 
Competitive purposes only ??! Why the concerned public servants or authorities or even states are not made responsible for any poor performing or results..??? I believe that mere statistics never improve the outcome but all who are truly liable to look after should also be responsible proportionately in the eyes of natural justice to incur the concurrent responsibilities along with credits there with.
Recently so called #vibrant state of GUJARAT has been declared as one of the top most ten sick state of India as per a global survey wherein 42 % children are still suffering from lack of proper nourishment !!!
Are not the State authorities truly responsible for such a poor outcome ??!is not it a direct neglect of the state to take care of its children through public earth programs ???

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