Thursday, March 31, 2016

The Mask of Immunity

Who is entitled to the Mask of Immunity in this world ? Whether the foxes or the innocent persons ??? The answer if very simply in my views. The Mask of Immunity must for the Weak and not for the Jackals who are leading and chasing for their own gains. Are those able Leaders ever entitled to any mask of Immunity, when they chase all for their own personal gains and goals ? Are those immune Judges ever entitled to any such mask of Immunity, when they enjoy the power without knowing even lines of laws and spirit of Justice ? Are those able celebrities ever entitled to any such Mask of Immunity, when they can buy and enjoy all amenities at the strength of their money and muscles ? Aren't those weak and poor people ever entitled to any Mask of Immunity, when they neither even enjoy peace nor a single piece of bread and butter in a day breading? Think well before re-organizing our social frame...and Think well again to consider whether providing any such Mask of Immunity to the unqualified persons are not legal and social discriminating activities ? KARTIKEY SHROFF Advocate (Gujarat High Court)

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