Monday, October 31, 2011

Madhu Koda's beating alone an attack on democratic set-up ?!!!

As per ND TV report, the former Chief Minister of Jarkhand Mr. Madhu Koda was today beaten up in Jail, as per the prison officer. As per Mr. Madhu Koda he went to check the quality of the foods provided in jail, so he was attacked by the Jail Staff. JMM along with his wife has asked for a high level inquiry in respect of this alleged incident of a so-called conspiracy against this imprisoned leader, with an allegation against the jail authorities that " KODA is not an ordinary person, but a former chief minister of a state,and the assualt on him is tantamount to an attack on democratic set-up". We are not concerned with pros and cons of this sub-judice matter of inquiry.But the crucial question of this discussion is that it does not usually said to be an attack on democracy, when a simple, poor and unknown person is so attacked in a jail everyday, but it is always much cried to be against the democratic set-up, when an attack is made on such a so-called leader, even though imprisoned on the charges of corruption. This is in fact unfortunate set-up of our present democracy in our country...I think the people of this nation is required to look at this uneven aspect too.

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