Friday, October 21, 2011

Who is right in "Proposed Right to recall" provision in Lokpal Draft?

Anna Hajare has proposed a Lokpal Bill before the Nation with a strong suggestion for a provision of "Right to Recall with the People" in respect of elected Leader. The Congress Party has suggested a correction in so-called Anna's proposed "Right to Recall" provision, and all other opposition parties were with Anna until today, but recently Mr. Advani of BJP also declared, while in his Rath-Yatra, that " the proposed Anna Hajare Formula of "Right to Recall" in Lokbal Bill aim to create disorder and disturbance and so it is not worth to be implemented. So now looking to such a controversy among leaders of India about who is right in "proposed Right to recall" Provision in Lokpal Bill", it is now a proved fact that there is and was a question from the beginning about the passing of the Anna Hajare's proposed Lokpal Draft, yet the agitations were raised and supported simply for the political aims. It shows that parties of the Nation are more inclined to bag their own political profits, rather than meeting with thee ends of public interest at large, just like a Fight with force without any public interest call.

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  1. Chief Election Commissioner Mr. S.Y. Kureshi has recently clarified that EC has no plan to implement any such proposed "Right to Recall" provisions in coming state elections, in as much as such the proposed"Right to Recall" provision is absolutely improper and absurd in terms of our "Constitution of India"


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