Saturday, November 26, 2011

Advice of the Chief Justice of India to all for keeping their Scales in Balance on Law Day

Amid criticism of alleged judicial overreach as per Hindustan Times Report, The Hon. Chief Justice of India Mr. SH Kapadia on Saturday advised to all to keep their Scale in Balance and said that “The judiciary has to exercise considerable restraint to ensure that the surcharged democracy does not lead to a breakdown of the working of the Parliament and the government”. Addressing a gathering of judges and advocates, in presence of Law minister Mr. Salman Khurshid, at the Supreme Court premises, on Law Day — celebrated to mark the adoption of the Indian Constitution in 1949 — the CJI advised his “brother judges” to work within the area demarcated for them by the Constitution.It is noted that The CJI has himself also emphasized that the constitutional courts’ power of judicial review is a guarantee against arbitrariness in government actions.In respect of current well debated issue of corruption, Justice Kapadia said that if any judge was corrupt, he/she should be named in public, but he had cautioned against putting all judges in “one basket”. “Don’t bring the entire judiciary in disrepute. Please don’t dismantle the established system and institution unless and until you’ve something better to offer.”

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