Thursday, November 3, 2011

A Battle of Dismrimination on the Basis Caste among Madras High Court Judges ?!! Justices' cries for Justice ?!!

Justice C S Karnan of the Madras high court, who alleged humiliation by fellow judges on November 2 (first reported in TOI), on Thursday said in a press conference that other dalit judges, too, are targeted and their reputation tarnished whenever they assert their self-respect. He added that "more than four or five high court judges" have humiliated him on the basis of his caste and that the National Commission for Scheduled Castes may look into his complaint."Some judges are very narrow-minded; they seek to dominate dalit judges," Karnan said.He said he did not rake up the issue all these months as he wanted to safeguard the dignity of the institution. "I was forced to approach the national forum for SCs only after the atrocities crossed tolerable limits," he said, adding that several other dalit judges in the subordinate judiciary too face similar ordeal. "It's a black mark on Indian judiciary," he said. Justice Karnan claimed that after the National Commission for Scheduled Castes forwarded a copy of his complaint against fellow judges to the Chief Justice of India, he has permitted the panel chairman to hold an inquiry into his allegations. Asked why he rushed to the forum instead of taking it up with the chief justice of the Madras high court, Karnan said: "The National Commission for SCs is the watchdog for all dalits, including dalit judges, in the country. It is the competent and appropriate body to safeguard the interests of dalits." Justice Karnan reiterated that a judge deliberately rubbed his shoes against him and then trampled a card carrying his (Justice Karnan) name at a function, and said he would reveal the identity of the judge at the time of inquiry. "The judge, sitting cross-legged next to me, touched me with his shoes deliberately and then said sorry. Two other judges were watching it smiling," he said. Justice Karnan claimed that he was discriminated against on basis of caste at several get-togethers such as full court meeting, high tea and dinner. "It's a chain of occurrences, and not once or twice," he said.On rumors about his transfer, Justice Karnan asked what was the need to do so. "I have given the highest disposal, and all my decisions have been upheld by the higher judicial forum". (Times of India)

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