Thursday, November 17, 2011

Breach of Mandatory duty in closing Primary schools in Gujarat ?!!!

Primary Education is a State Function and it is a statutory mandatory duty to provide primary education to all and to run primary schools in the state, but we have come to know from recent reliable news reports that the department of Primary Education in our State of Gujarat has already decided to close 13450 primary schools, out of which such the 3500 primary schools have been targeted to be closed this year by the Gujarat State and such the controversial resolution of the state has also been implemented in some parts of the districts of Gandhinager, Panchamahal, Surat, Kaccha, Rajkot etc. and the same decision of Gujarat State has been largely opposed by Gujarat State Primary teachers Associations and others. But the crucial question of facts and laws at this juncture is whether such the decision of Gujarat State for the closure of these much primary schools is a breach of the statutory mandatory duty of the state government.At one stage, Modi's Gujarat Government advertises for the promotion of education at every level, but the closure of the primary educational institutes are not only breach of the State Function in the eyes of laws but also is aimed to make rooms for the private professional educational vendors to capture this basic primary educational sectors for minting money at the costs of the poor primary students. A recent announcement of state secretary of primary education for the revision of the aforesaid controversial decision of closure is prima facie deserves to be welcomed, but any such further controversial decision of the state for the closure of primary schools, may undoubtedly invite the judicial investigation at some day in any other ways on the defaults of state in respect of statutory functions.

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  1. The Education Development Index (EDI) of Gujarat is quite low as compared to other major states of the country. In 2007-08, Gujarat stood 9th in terms of primary school education, and the position slipped to 13th in 2008-09. Then why the state is busy celebrating 'Gunotsav' and 'Praveshotsav' when there is such a worrying decline in primary education numbers. In fact villagers' children in particular are deprived of primary education and the present government aims to protect the interest of big industrialist only and not the poor people.


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