Tuesday, November 15, 2011

"Divide and Rule and Make the People Fool" New Controversial Mode of Legislative Action ?!!!

Declaration of division of UP State in four different states by UP state Cabinet of Mayavati Government is another dirty political play of " Divide & Rule and Make the People Fool ", which was knowingly played in past in British Rule. Sardar Patel encouraged merger of different state to create an united Nation of India & Indira Gandhi abolished the laws of privy purses... meant for the regular payment of life time pension to the ancient royal rulers, merged in India. But the time is absolutely changed nowadays... and actions, intention and legislation are also totally changed now.. after the completion of a cycle of more than six decades... Obviously the people of India are getting divided more and more in the name of state, race, caste, religion and even class. And the legislative statutory rulers are also speedily getting increased day by day, to whom life time pensions are awarded even though no services are ever rendered . In fact hundreds of privy purse are only abolished but thousands of new legislative rulers fetching regular life time pension are deliberately increased... and the people of our country are divided in several created issued... so that nobody can spare himself to think about the eradication of this new evil... Even our Judiciary is also without any remedy to this newly created situation..., because there is no statutory enactment at all to resist such actions of these legislators... Do you have any lawful suggestion how we can stop this deliberate wrongful actions and inaction ????


  1. Division of Uttar Pradesh in four parts is resolved in just four minutes...and the MLAs of all the opposite parties simply watched with unpleasant gestures and uproars... and the house is adjourned... such the high-handed political drama on the highly esteemed legislative plateform is the evil result of immunity of our legislators, as they are beyond the laws in their house...

  2. The Lucknow Bench of Allahabad High Court, in a major setback to the State Government, on Wednesday reserved its verdict in the public interest litigation (PIL) challenging the resolution to divide Uttar Pradesh into four parts.The PIL petitioners had pleaded that the division would affect their residency and also sought direction for placing the issue before the Vidhan Sabha Speaker
    (The Pioneer)


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