Monday, November 28, 2011

Does our Remedy lives on the street or in public speech with Threats and Shouts for and with ever growing Agitations ?

Recently a typical Public Interest Litigation has come before the Hon. Supreme Court of India, moved by an NGO, 'People For Better Treatment' seeking the Central Government and the Medical Council of India, to initiate disciplinary proceedings against doctors who refuse to give emergency treatment to patients during their strikes and demonstrations. The Hon. Chief Justice of India, Mr. S H Kapadia has also issued notices to the government, the Council and AIIMS which have witnessed many strikes in recent years. It is also a fact that Doctors group across India have been frequently using the same tactics in recent times to establish their claims with great peril for helpless patients. Recently a similar situation has also raised in Ahmedabad, in respect of a controversial death of a woman, ended with the suicide of her husband and the doctors of VS Hospital and its Management had come down with defensive cries on the Roads with a peculiar demonstration, endangering the life of their patients too. And these kinds of the problems are not limited only to our medical professionals, but this does also happen every where in respect of every other professions and persons too... Just before a day a well known senior advocate cannot restrain himself to pass some ugly comments before a media against a respectful judge, who subsequently responded with for some kinds of restraints over such tarnishing tactics....And it has also now become a fashion with our present leaders of all political parties, to shout in streets or in houses or before the camera in public on every little issues, without any fruitful healthy discussion in the large interest of the people of our Nation. Is this a lawful way to derive any remedy or to meet with the ends of justice or to serve our society ??!!! Does our Remedy for every other issues only lives on our streets or in any public speech with Threats and Shouts for and with ever growing Agitations ??? Can't anyone see the risk of helpless patients, or law abiding litigants or poor simple citizens of our Nation ???

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