Monday, November 7, 2011

How can police remain inactive with a wanted criminal publicly present in BJP's public function ?!!!

It is the duty of the police to take a wanted criminal in custody and proceed further in accordance with laws as soon as he is found. But recently Gujarat police is found not only inactive but fully co-operative with a wanted criminal Mr. Sukha Patel who was on dais with BJP Leaders Mr. Advani and CM Mr. Narendra Modi during Advani's nationwide "Jan Chetana Yatra" against corruption and black money reached Surat, Gujarat on Sunday. A TV Channel has taken a live video of this political drama of BJP's National Leaders, giving free hand to such a wanted liquor mafiamen, named Sukha Patel against whom 27 cases are registered for illegal supply of liquor as this commodity is banned in Gujarat and who is a wanted criminal as per police records, yet he was seen sharing the stage and the Gujarat police is found not only inactive but fully co-operative with this wanted mafia. As per BJP's clarification, Sukha Patel is a local BJP leader, but his criminal records must have been known to local BJP leaders as well as to the Gujarat police. yet it was a shocking truth, being also questioned in media is how a man with such police record was given the seat on the stage. Now the Significant question of facts and law is also how the police can remain inactive with a wanted criminal, found publicly present in BJP's Jan Chetana Yatra, meant for awareness against corruption ?!!! In Fact the State of Gujarat itself is legally responsible for such a deliberate inaction of the Gujarat Police, contravening its public duties, by abstaining from arresting a wanted criminal from a public function, sharing chairs with Gujarat Leaders, even though being lawfully bound to arrest immediately so..Would this not be a sufficient report for taking action in accordance with laws ?

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