Friday, November 18, 2011

Justice should be prevented from taking away to the street

During last week,reacting over the behaviour of CPI-M leader M V Jayarajan, who had allegedly ridiculed the performance of two high court judges in public, making derogatory remarks, the Division Bench of the Hon. justices Mr. R M Lodha and Mr. H L Gokhale, while granting a stay against a Kerala High Court order of a sentence of imprisonment, expressed serious concern, with the following words, that "Justice cannot be taken to street. It is not acceptable. These things should stop. These are not good things. We are the upholders of the laws" The Hon Supreme Court of India has then rightly defined how and where the Justice should be admeasured in a democratic country like India, but it is still unfortunate that Justice is knowingly taken away again and again to the street.. and the same is so done by our media as well as our politicians of all parties of our country, who believe that Justice is to be made by the public and that in the street only... if we look at today's Gujarati media reports, it is found that the President of BJP Mr. Nitin Gadakari has also stated in a press conference in public at Nagpur that " the release of BJP MP Mr. Sudhir Kulkarni and others on bail in a highly debated "Cash-For-Vote" case by Delhi High Court, has allegedly proved that it was a political conspiracy to throw these BJP leaders in jail, so PM Manmohan Singh and Sonia Gandhi should apologize for this...". Apart from the facts and evidences of highly debated "Cash-For-Vote" case , the vital Question of laws, at this juncture, is only if such a responsible leader of BJP can prejudge about the innocence of their accused party persons who are involved in such a serious criminal case, which is not finally adjudicated and is still subjudice to meet to the ends of justice before appropriate forum of courts of our country. Any layman can say that the Release on Bail is not the final judgment and Justice is still not finally adjudicated. But such our leaders do take justice to the street every day in every such other instances...Even our media is also found to try in its own ways before justice is made by the appropriate forum of courts of laws.., as it is so happened recently in well debated "Times Now Channel" Case.... And ultimately the interest of justice is only jeopardized... Hence, a right course at this juncture is only some better implementation, is needed in tune with the aforesaid recent voice of the Hon. Apex Court with some specific preventive remedy available within four corners of our judicial system, with a view to securing the ends of justice from taking away to the streets by any persons, media or politician or else of our country in future.

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