Monday, November 14, 2011

What is an offence of Conspiracy under Sec.120 B of IPC ? Redifined by SC

Recently while setting aside a conviction awarded by Kerala High Court, under Sec.324 & 120B of IPC, in the matters of the appellant Sherimon, vide Criminal Appeal No.1221 of 2005, the Hon. Supreme Court of India, has explained the gist of the offence of conspiracy, in accordance with the provisions of Sec: 120-B if Indian Penal Code. The Apex Court has categorically explained this provisions in its recent landmark judgment that " The gist of the offence of conspiracy is the agreement between two and more persons to do or cause to be done an illegal act or a legal act by illegal means. There must be meeting of minds resulting in an ultimate decision taken by the conspirators regarding the commission of the crime."

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