Thursday, November 3, 2011

Who owns Mumbai ? People of Uttarbharat, or Only Marathi or People of India ?

A battle of words and allegations from Marathi leaders and Uttar Bharatiya Leaders of Mumbai have moved the whole Metropolitan city of Mumbai in a grave apprehension since last two weeks. Recently a Marathi Newspaper has outright stated that "Mumbai is of Marathi and only of Marathi people...and Uttarbharatiya people were never invited..." A vital question of facts and laws in accordance with the provisions of our secular democratic constitution, any discrimination in the name of state or language are unlawful.So a battle in the name of the peoples and in the name of states and ownership of a big city of our nation is also apparently unwanted in the eyes of laws, because Mumbai is not of Uttarbharatiya people, nor of only Marathi but it is only of India and of Indian People..Is there any control with our Judiciary over such the provoking controversy. ???

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