Friday, December 23, 2011

Bombay High Court questioned "Anna Hazare's Stir as interference with functioning of the Parliament ?"

"Wouldn't your stir interfere with the functioning of Parliament?" the two-judge division bench of Hon. Mr. justices PB Majmudar and Mr. Justice Mridula Bhatkar of Bombay High Court recently asked Team Anna in respect of his proposed stir in Mumbai.The Bombay High Court came down heavily on Anna Hazare and his team, who had sought permission to use the MMRDA grounds in Mumbai for his fast, saying that "the court cannot allow parallel canvassing when Parliament is seized with a debate on the Lokpal Bill. Public opinion can be created in the entire country, so why are they insisting on this place?" the judge asked. He also told Team Anna that they were expecting too much from the government.The judge also said people in Mumbai are very sensitive about noise pollution due to rallies. "What is Satyagraha to you may not be for others. There will be people who may not want your Satyagraha," the HC judge said.As per the media report of IBN Live India, Hazare has also made it clear that he will go to jail if he does not get a place to protest... " Can a person or the mass be allowed to coarse or pressurize our Government beyond the limits of laws in the name of satyagrah or in the nae of the Freedom of Expression, Movement and Demonstration as such ? " is now another question of laws and facts looking to the prevailing situation so developed

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  1. The media coverage made anna and his gang mad. first one should give credit to anna and his team for creating awareness against corruption.but why the target cogress and politicians as villans.Afterall they are elected by the people and people can vote them out and can bring the new govt. free from corruption. everything is corruption but one should be live by example sothat others can follow. MGR said in his films theft can be eradicated only when thief changes his mind and become good. likewise corruption can be eradicated by us only. we should not be corrupt and not to support corruption. even if it is our own father,mother,son,daughter,brother,sister or friend,we should fight.Gang anna should uderstand this and stop this nonsense and go to thier house do some thing useful for the country,instead of telling parliment what to do(ther are big fool and i lost faith on Indian media also when they give unwanted importance to anna and his gang.


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