Saturday, December 10, 2011

India needs strong implementation of laws, rather than new legislation

It was a dispute that there is no law or legislation to curb corruption, now it is a dispute that there is no strong legislation proposed to curb any corruption.... and all our politicians with their volunteers are involved in one kind of internal war against each other, without attending to their parliamentary functions and there is a bog waste of our valuable time, public money and man hours in such liquid political situations... This is really unfortunate transactions of the present time, because several laws are there in our nation... yet another agitation is procured without any judicious consideration... as you know well that the so-called Lokpal bill is still not legislated, but the so-called corrupt ministers like Raja, and Kanimozi could have been sent behind the bars... even in past several immune personalities should have suffered and incurred even severe imprisonments or vigorous sentences for their dishonest actions... and more such so-called immune public servants may be sent to jails in coming days, for their illegal dishonest corruptions... The History of our Nation is a good witness of such events, one can look at it... and It is that only important ingredient of "Dishonesty" behind every serious public offence like corruption, misappropriation, theft, cheating, criminal breach of trust or unlawful gratification pertaining to the moral turpitude under Indian Penal Code and other present Acts, ... So provisions of laws are there and remedies are also enacted, simply proper implementation and appropriate maintenance is strictly essential to control such the evil or corruption... and above all the strong and honest will power and determination to curb the corruption is necessary before any action or legislation... because "Laws alone are not the remedies to control corruption". If one may look at our certain landmark judicial precedents, it may be certainly summarized that "Nobody is immune in the eyes of laws, if he has contravened any express provisions of laws....No action is protected, if it is done against the provisions of laws.... an illegal act can not be said as an official act or duty.... no public servants are entitled to act beyond the laws... Thus every dishonest action or inaction are liable to be punished if it is so intended.. But it is never strongly intended, except we spend again and again... as usually in the hands of politically oriented people... As a matter of fact, the recent remarks of our Hon Supreme Court " How much we are spending on the security of the people who don't deserve it.. " says lots of things... if we read and see in between the lines in the large interest of our country...

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  1. New Delhi, Dec 14 (IANS) The government said Wednesday that 189 requests for sanction for prosecution of corrupt officials are pending with central ministers and departments as well as states.
    The maximum of 30 requests were with the department of financial services in the finance ministry, Minister of State in the Prime Minister's Office V. Narayanasamy told the Lok Sabha.
    This was followed by 24 requests with the Custom and Central Excise department, also attached to the finance ministry, 16 with the government of Assam and 12 in the ministry of health and family welfare.
    Ten cases were pending in the ministry of railways, the minster said
    A total of 39,123 government employees were awarded punishment for corruption from 2008 to 2010, parliament was told Wednesday.
    Minister of State in the Prime Minister's Office V. Narayanasamy told the Lok Sabha that 12,539 officials were punished in 2008, 14,424 in 2009 and 12,160 in 2010.
    Of the total, 11,943 were awarded major penalty and the rest minor penalty, he said, without elaborating.
    The minister also said that the Central Bureau of Investigation had registered 2,706 cases under the Prevention of Corruption Act from 2008 to the end of 2011.
    These figures tell us Implementation of present laws can serve the purpose, if it is meant to be used against the immune corrupt MPs and MLAs and Ministers too... iT IS SIMPLY a strong desire is required to rule....


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