Thursday, December 1, 2011

The power of the ruling mob over peaceful persons is now the latest outcome of our Democracy ? Why the State should not be made responsible for all losses to the public or private properties ??

FDI, Dearness, Corruption and other politics oriented Issues are at present our burning controversies of our country. And all opposition Political parties have came on the streets to make show of their protests against the ruling Congress Parties... It is also a fact that everybody is entitled to make peaceful protest and wage any lawful demonstration against any such burning issues, in our democratic country, but no saction of a mob is ever allowed to cause any damages to any public properties or to restrain any law abiding peaceful persons or the public in the name of any such demonstration, because nobody has a right to take the laws in his hands... But recently it is reported that the mob of some powerful leaders in Ahmedabad forcefully caused the shop-keepers to close their shops and join their bandh call and it is further reported in state media, that the banks were also forced to close their doors, under some so-called threats or mischief ... whatever the truth may it be in such news-reports.??.. But the crucial fact to be discussed at this juncture is that it is now our daily experience that the strength and the power of the ruling or dominating mob in any such area of our country always prevail over the peaceful law abiding people, comprising even a large portion of the whole country, whenever there is any such Bandh or Call made in Gujarat, or Maharastra or Dellhi...or anywhere else.. Such The mob of few powerful poeple forcefully closes the shutters of your shops and cause the doors of our Banks, even schools and colleges and even courts, in the name of some threats or mischief... and the life of the law abiding people gets almost staggered.. and nobody dares to complain thereon, even though we have to say that we live are of a democratic nation and there is a pretty good law and order.... Don't you see that the values of our freedom is in the hands of few powerful persons only ??? .... and Is this not an obvious failure in maintaining law and order in such affected area by the concerned State Governance ?? Why state Governance should not be directly responsible for any damages or injuries that may have caused to any public or private properties or any law abiding persons or institutes ??? In fact, the time seems to have changed.. because the power of the ruling mob over peaceful persons is now latest outcome of our Democracy

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