Sunday, July 22, 2012

Was the BJP's Move in presidential Election as per Chanakya Niti ?

The Vital Question of the current affairs is whether the approach of BJP to support Mr. Sangama, a Member of National Congress Party, which is one of the native allies of Congress in Center, was a smart political move as advised in Chanakya Niti.. or whether it was a routine dogmatic attitude of BJP, an opposition party, to move and only to protest in opposite direction as always, without any concrete aim or achievements...The Best answer to this vital questions are only with the top leaders of BJP only, because its all important allies like Shiv-Sena and GDU have openly went against BJP in this presidential election and have supported to Mr. Pranav Mukharjee who deserves to be the supremo of our country. The Time is just now coming soon within few minutes to prove BJP's move as aimless and futile, without any political the result of the well awaited presidential election is sure to give smiles on the face of Mr. Pranav Mukharjee with a great victory in his basket in a moment...

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