Sunday, August 5, 2012

Gujarat Vehicles are directed to be converted into CNG

After hearing a petition filed by an environmental NGO Dhanghdhra Prakruti Mandal, in respect of the alarming high rise in pollution levels in Ahmedabad so as it is in Delhi and Mumbai, The Gujarat High Court has strictly directed the State Government of Gujarat that "State is directed to pass necessary orders within shortest possible period, at any rate not exceeding one year from today, compelling the owners of all vehicles having registration in Gujarat to use natural gas, and if necessary, even at higher prices, for the protection of the lives of the citizens living in the state," The petitioner NGO had allegedly emphasized in its arguments that the price difference was due to the "discrimination of the Centre" towards Ahmedabad, where the courts have made it mandatory for auto-rickshaws to use CNG. The Central Government is also directed by the Hon. High Court to implement this order immediately. Now the ball is in the courts of both the governments to implement this direction in time and to ease the public at large in the state of Gujarat, even though it is quite difficult to be done, due to the limited GAS production as well as distribution outlets with sufficient infrastructures all over the state.

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