Friday, August 24, 2012

Is it a censorship of social networks or pollution of our social network by our political leaders ?!!!

These is much wishperring regarding the blocking of certain controversial webpages on Facebook and twitter...and the TV media is also making hot debates on this current issue...and the media is laying emphasis on the so-called voice of Mr. Narendra Modi, the chief minister of Gujarat, in respect of his voluntary action to remove his own image from his twitter account, as a symbol of so-called censorship.... I would certainly wonder to know whether the twitter account of Mr. Narendra Modi is blocked or banned by the congress or its agency and I would also like to know whether any other accounts or webpage of any BJP dignitaries are ever blocked in the name of any controversial social networking sites, which display abusive and personal defamatory matters on their pages...If the answer is negative and "no", then such the gesture of our political personalities are nothing but the politicization of the current issues and also the investigation of our youth in the name of so-called censorship...which is never in fact existing yet our political leaders like to divert our attention and pollute our social networks for certain ulterior axes to grind only, as the elections are near and near...

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  1. That it INDIAN DEMOCRACY. Congressman can say just anything and later on can just escape saying Media misinterpreted their statement. Ministers can simply deny any charge leveled against them, but opposition have to face CBI inquiry.


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