Thursday, August 30, 2012

Shocking Drama on TV & Radio: "State dares to abuse the Center". Does a State without any Constitutional Remedy ?

Can we say proudly that we are united ??? As the Election season is coming near and near, it is usually possible that the persons of different political entities may bark against each other for voting purpose... but it is not only surprising but a great deal of shocking that a State can dare to abuse against the Center on TV and Radio Channels...!!! May it be in the name of so-called discrimination by the Center with a State, yet constitutionally India is an United Country, where States are simply its agencies..if any so-called discrimination in the name of castism, provincialism are banned by our Constitution, then, there is also a constitutional lawful remedy for any so-called discrimination by the Center with any State. But politically barking by a State against the Center, whatever political personalities may it be there, ought not to have been permitted, as it happens in India at present on TV and Radio...It does not become to India... It is also shameful to accept that India is not united..

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