Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Is this law abiding gesture or misuse of freedom of press in Gujarat ??!!

Is this law abiding gesture or misuse of freedom of press in Gujarat ??!! Our ex-MLA BJP candidate Mr. Jethabhai Bharawad, after being arrested by Panchamahal Police, runs away and escapes from the police custody during his medical treatment at Appollo Hospital, Ahmedabad and then on next day morning, he suddenly gives his public interview on a TV Channel..!!. yet our BJP Leader Mr. Modi and his Government are totally silent on this sensitive news, except suspending some cops ?.!!.. But is is surprising Why TV channel personals are not instantly interrogated, when they know the whereabouts of the absconded ex-MLA ?!! Government is not interested to put the run-away absconded ex-MLA back into police custody or the Government also desire to finish his defense trial through media, before the court adjudicates on this firing incident in accordance with laws ?!! Would it not be justified to take judicial cognizance against such kind of public interviews of such the absconding people on the media in the name of freedom of press ?!!!

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  1. Looking to the recent reporter of Gujarat Samachar at
    It seems that the Hon'ble court has ultimately rejected the bail application and arrested the absconded BJP MLA Mr. Jethabhai Bharwad, giving justice in tune with the laws of the land... but what about those media, who are adjudicating media trial before the courts of laws does justice ?!!


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