Saturday, March 9, 2013

An Ancient Message for well being for human race in the nick of this time

On the eve of Maha Shiv Ratri... the messages of Jagatguru Shri. Sri Adi Shankaracharya "न धर्मो न चार्थो...." "न मे जातिभेदः..." शिवोऽहम् शिवोऽहम् ..." in his most popular Nirvana Shatakam is highly appropriate message for all of us today...because every where in the world people are fighting with each other in the name of race and religion.... Jagatguru Adi Shankaracharya says- "We are neither religion nor wealth..... nether any difference in the name of races... We are simply like a blessing of well being... well being for all..." Happy Shiv Ratri to all.....

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