Saturday, March 16, 2013

What remedies against the Immunity of our non-parliamentarian leaders ??

Shouting against national enemies after standing on bench in our assembly & throwing mike by such the MLA does not deserve to represent a law abiding community of our country, even though it may be gesture in protest, condemning PAK Resolution... In fact, someone intends to attack on PAK, it could have been done in bold, effective and decent parliamentary and diplomatic manners, but these kinds of gestures are absolutely non-parliamentary behaviors, condemning the esteem of our legislature and of our Constitutional Laws and not addressing our national enemies.. Anyway, when the speaker is helpless and when leaders believe in their supreme immunity to behave as they desire.... Such kinds of non-parliamentary behaviors are not new in India.. History of our independent democratic country has seen such kinds of events several times in past and even worse than this...But the vital question of this time is only whether there exists any remedy against the immunity of our leaders for any such mischievous behaviors in assembly or parliament ???..


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