Monday, April 8, 2013

A Story of Good Governance and Developed State in current Age

Student asked :”What is a Good Governance ?” Guru replied: “If you do not desire any Act, pass its draft bill with such the amendments that it may never be approved and enacted as laws “ Student further asked: ” How can such a good governance be known to others ?” Guru replied: “Quite Easy..Order all your concerned officers not to register complaints about any thefts which may not be detected..and also order not to give information that tend to expose the short comings of our governance.. so that all should understand well nothing is so easily available here, unless the governing body is pleased forever. And also tell everything repeatedly and loudly to everyone with all good confidence about such the governance that a cow may be seen as a lamb….” Student further asked: “What is a developed state of good governance ?” Sir replied with smile: ” Quite simple.. A good governance that consists of all the aforesaid good qualities, is the sign of the development in the current age.” Anonymous Followers clapped their hands and shouted ” Good… Good …and The Best for future government …..”

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