Sunday, June 9, 2013

Gujarat High Court :"Who will police the police ?" a question posed by our Apex Court still remains unanswered

Recently Home Ministry told all the states and Union Territories to clearly instruct all police stations that failure to register FIR on receipt of information about any cognizable offence would invite prosecution of the duty police officer under the provisions of Inian Penal Code Section 166-A for the offence by a public servant disobeying law and that would invite imprisonment up to one year.. This is not a NEW enactment of Laws, but a belated positive and strict implementation of the old provisions of IPC, after finding our police persons dithering in registering complaints on receipt of information about any cognizable offence, under various pretexts. Recently the Hon'ble Gujarat High Court has also seriously remarked over an unanswered question posed before our Hon'ble Apex Court during a significant adjudication that"Who will police the Police ??" By the aforesaid recent direction of Union Home Ministry to all our States and Union Territories, it is now publicly aware to the common people about their rights to get registered their complaints, but still there are several unanswered questions still posed in regular day to day practice in enforcing their rights...

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