Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Disrupting Parliamentarian should be made collectively responsible for a loss to the Nation

As per an estimated report of "Hindustan Times", the loss of four hours work in the Lok Sabha due to the bedlam over the opposition's boycott of home minister P Chidambaram on the first day of Parliament's winter session is estimated to have caused a Rs 1 crore loss to the nation. The disruption came despite an appeal from Prime Minister Manmohan Singh for the session's smooth running to enable important legislative business.Manmohan Singh, ahead of the Parliament's sitting, expressed the hope that all political parties "realise that we have important legislations to discuss in the winter session" and that the session runs smoothly.But the Lok Sabha was adjourned twice, once during the Question Hour and later for the day after noon, the house lost about four hours of work, due to the uproars of BJP's and other parties' parliamentarian. Officials of PRS Legislative Research, a policy study group, noted that the Lok Sabha, which nornally meets for five hours day, was in session for just about half-an-hour as it had to be adjourned due to the pandemonium..A rough estimate, based on the budgetary allocation for parliament's functioning, puts the cost of an hour's work of parliament at Rs25 lakh. Considering this, the exchequer lost about Rs 1 crore. It is the second day of the winter session of Parliament. On Tuesday, the Lok Sabha was adjourned not once, but twice over the Uttar Pradesh split resolution. On Day 2 on Wednesday, the House was expected to discuss Finance Pranab Mukherjee's statement on price rise. But obviously due to the deliberate defaults in the Parliament, the Nation has incurred not only a great deed of monitory loss of the public money but also an awful delay in the enactment of some important intended legislation, for which these parliamentarian are duty bound to discuss, debate and resolve to in the large interest of our Nation.It ought to be now the voice of the people of our Nation, at this crucial juncture if all these disrupting parliamentarian should be made collectively responsible for such a huge loss to the Nation.

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  1. Immunity of the present legislators are still debated and Delhi High Court has also observed that "Plea of Controversial Immunity of our legislators are still misconceived." But how our Ex-MPs & Ex-MLA can escape their apparent liabilities. A recent controversial discussion on a TV channel also speaks a lot on this subject. Look at http://youtu.be/7QmcpSmsS-k


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