Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Who is supreme in the eyes of the constitution of India ? A Block of Few Activists or the Parliament of our Country ??

As per a recent report of PTI, Mr. Anna Hazare threatened to go on an indefinite fast in Delhi from December 27 if a strong anti-graft law is not passed in the Winter Session of Parliament, claiming further that "the draft report on Lokpal Bill by Parliamentary Standing Committee is a "betrayal". This Old Gandhian activist also said that his indefinite fast will be at Ramlila Maidan in Delhi from December 27 if a strong bill was not passed. If it happens, it will be his third indefinite fast this year on the Lokpal issue.Naturally, a question is now raised in our minds - "Who is supreme in the eyes of the constitution of India ? A Block of such the few Activists persons or the Parliament, empowered by the mandate of the people of the whole country ?" And again- Is not is so ridiculous that the proposed Lokpal Bill is drafted promoted and dictated by a Block of some Activists, out side the scope and reach of our Parliament, in the name of Fasts and threats of certain mass movements and street demonstrations, only against the ruling party Congress ? Does this block of the activists not know that only the Parliament can pass a Lokpal Bill in our Democratic Country, in due course of laws as per our Constitution, and the parliamentary Standing Committee, consisting of representatives of all political parties of our country is the only lawful statutory authority to decide what should go before the Parliament for an ultimate healthy discussion, for the final enactment of the strong Lokpal Bill and no other block of people or agency or a political party is entitled to rule over this statutory body or parliamentary authorities in the eyes of laws ? And don't they know that no Lokpal Bill can be passed, unless all other political parties may co-operate to run the Parliament with a healthy discussion on any proposed bill for enactment ? Everybody of our country now knows that the working of our Parliament is staggered, since the opening of its winter session... and the Members of the Opposition are simply shouting with protests, at the cost of our precious time, public money and their solemn duties as the public servants to legislate well in the large interest of the people of our Nation. On one side, the main opposition party BJP has already went on the Streets against the Proposed FDI issue, even though its Party had already and admittedly proposed for FDI in past. And Now looking to another latest news report, the Ruling Party Congress may agree to an adjournment motion in parliament from the opposition...So now it seems that no political parties, including the Ruling Congress Party are interested to run the winter session of the parliament in any way, to make a room for the discussion and enactment of the proposed Lokpal Bill. So now at this crucial juncture it is only prudent to leave this question be decided by the wise people of our country whether such the high profiled political dramas of our leaders go for any public interest and justice and whether it will maintain our laws and constitutional dignity ? and What are the correct judicious ways to procure our Leaders to abide by their duties to deal with the business of some necessary legislation in the large interest of our Country ?

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  1. Mr. Soli Sorabjee, the former Solicitor General of India has recently rightly told that "How can lay persons, litigants and lawyers on a (Lokpal) panel judge the Judges? May be the Judges are not above board, but only a comprehensive body can take care of watching their conduct.Judges cannot come under scrutiny of a sort of body, which contains lawyers who slam the judiciary whenever they lose a case. Decisions like removal of a judge can only be taken by a body that consists of Judges and Chief Justices of the present and the past.They should bring up the Judicial Accountability Bill....


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