Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Water Crisis in Saurastra is getting worse..!!?

For the first time in a decade, Saurashtra is staring at a serious water crisis just as the winter has set in.The storage in 135 dams across Saurashtra region has fallen to a merely 9.32%, a warning that taps would soon run dry in most towns, cities and villages in the region. Jamnagar is the worst-hit with Ranjit Sagar dam reduced to a barren landscape of cracked land. Rajkot has already imposed water cuts and supplies water for 20 minutes every alternate day. Yesterday, Times of India has recently reported that the water crisis has been complemented by the virtually non-existent distribution network in most municipalities. It is the mandatory duties of every Municipal Authorities and the State Government of Gujarat to provide drinking water to their people.. but the supply of water on alternate day has become usual in so many cities of Gujarat... and day by day it may be worsen as the summer is coming near.. Let us hope the necessary steps are taken by the state and the local authorities in time at the rescue of the people of Saurastra and also of other parts of Gujarat especially Madhya and North Gujarart too, because real challenges are now coming soon before the government.. In fact, The tempers of the people are running high in the pilgrim town of Virpur... Without drinking water for the last 25 days, residents have called for a bandh on Thursday to vent their anger, to protest against the scarcity of water.. And this scenario may get worse, if no right steps are taken in time.. Simply shouting about the development in our state will not solve the situation..the crisis of Water Scarcity is not unknown in Gujarat, since a decade..

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