Monday, December 24, 2012

Who is now responsible for the Death of the Cop in Delhi ? The Mob or the Opposition or the Ruler ???

Mr. Subhash Tomer, a Cop of the Delhi Police who got serious injuries while maintaining law and orders during recent Agitation in Delhi in protest of the Gang Rape is now no more... and he just died in the hospital... Now the vital question is that who shall be responsible for the death of this poor cop ? The Mad Mob who is agitating without any vision in the name of certain reasons for securities and social justice OR the agitators sitting in the opposition to provoke the young generation to act and protest in all their best, even by breaking the laws and order OR the Rulers who fails to save their own employees on duty to maintain laws and order since last 5 days... ???? Do you not thing that it is somewhat similar situation where the Rulers fail to protect their cop and prevent the breaking of laws and orders on road, such as the Rulers also fail to prevent an untoward heinous incident of rape somewhere on some day ??? Would you again raise protests on road for the death of this Cop and put the law and order at stake for all such reasons ??? Is this the fundamental right to express your feelings and protest by in-securing the liberties of others ??? There are all means and ways within the four corners of our legal and judicial system... Then what will be achieved by agitating for new legislation when the enforcement of present laws are only called for any unseen reasons ???.. The Youth is the true assets of our country which needs to be preserved and strengthened for our better future and not for being played by the instigators always sitting in opposition for their own exe to grind....

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