Friday, February 22, 2013

Can a State endow its valuable lands at rediculous rent for any business purpose? Cancellation of Lease of Patajali Yogpeeth raises new issue !!!

As per a news report of The India Express today, About 28 acres of land near Sadhupul in Solan district was given to Patanjali Yogpeeth by the previous BJP government in Himachal Pradesh in 2010 for just for a token lease of Rs 1 per year for a period of 99 years. And Mr. Balkrishna said and tried to save their skin that there was nothing wrong in giving the land on a token lease to the Yogpeeth as it was to be used for people's welfare and not commercial purpose, even though it is a fact that commercial activities like sale and distribution of Ayurvedic Medicines, Herbal Products and honey are conducted in a huge business pattern. Yet for that so-called reason, it is now heard that Yoga guru Ramdev's Patanjali Yogpeeth will go to court against the Himachal Pradesh government's order, recently cancelling the said lease of land, endowed to it by the previous BJP government. Now this is a perfect news report exposing BJP freely distributing valuable lands to its allies like Baba Ramdev, who is in reward aggressively campaigning for BJP against congress. This is the true picture of our political parties doing such free distribution to their allies when they are in power. And it is also alleged that such other kinds of lands distributions are also made in Gujarat by Modi's BJP Government to their certain near and dear industrialists, who promote Mr. Modi for PM, even before the election of the parliament happens. In the city of Kapadwanj in Gujarat, a portion of a valuable lands out of the S.T. Depot has also been leased to some interested person by Government of Gujarat, and now there is a big Commercial complex, where offices are freely held and transferred by private parties, without any interference of the State who incurs a a great deal of loss of public money. This is really ridiculous.... Several court litigation are also pending and awaiting for judicial verdicts before various Courts in Gujarat too, in respect of certain alleged lands distribution by Gujarat Government... In past the Congress has also endowed many such valuable pieces of lands and properties to their allies, which have become debatable in past...But in brief, the vital and important question of facts and laws is that whether a State Government can endow its valuable lands to any private parties for any such commercial or industrial purpose for such a ridiculous rent or in such a manner ??

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