Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Violent Face of Strike targeting innocent people and private properties ? Who is responsible? Demonstrators or their leaders Calling strike or the Poor Controlling State Authorities??

Can any political leader or Unionist now adjudicate or comment over any such violent face of present bandh, striking over the innocent people and private properties today at Noida and other parts of our Nation??? Who is responsible for any damages and hardships occurred to any innocent persons and their public as well as private properties ?? Does the laws of our Land permit to assault innocent people or breaking private cars and buses or factories or public buildings ???... Why all those Notorious demonstrators and their leaders calling such kind of strike or Bandh, running to the detriment of the public and private properties should not be punished for taking laws in their hands ??? Is this all justified in the name of Freedom of Demonstration ?? This is the time for the law abiding people of our country, to think and resolve and raise their Voice to nip in the bud all such harmful unwanted activities, which are always aimed not only against the national interest but also against the public and private interest.

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