Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Silence of Gujarat State Government may be a deemed consent to illegal ban of the passenger public of Gujarat by its ST Employees

Recently the trade unions of the drivers as well as the officers employees of Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation (GSRTC) have threatened and called for going on strike from today midnight i.e of 19th February in all over our Gujarat State, simply in the name of the so-called protest against the proposed hikes in Diesel rates by various companies, even though all these employees are never going to be affected at all by any such proposed diesel rate hikes. On the contrary the Gujarat S. T. Corporation, who is the ST vehicles owner only, has to bear and incur all such proposed charges of diesel on hiked rates. But when more VAT and other taxes are already imposed in respect of Diesel and petrol in our Gujarat State, then BJP Government of Gujarat is not in any position to go on strike against any such Diesel rate hikes. Moreover any such action of strike shall also target to take in ban all our poor innocent passenger people of Gujarat during current marriage season and consequently such a strike shall not only be against law and order but also against public interest and policy too. Hence under such the unfortunate circumstances, the trade unions of the drivers and officers employees of Gujarat S.T. Corporation (GSRTC)are somehow encouraged to go on such protest for any foreseen political gain, even it is against the interest of the public at large in our state of Gujarat. Then one has to now look at this naked true facts of laws that all such kinds of strike affecting the public at large are absolutely illegal as per the rulings of our Hon'ble Supreme Court. And when our laws has clearly defined that the ST employees are also the agents of Gujarat State Government, hence any such action of strike can also be deeded to have been done by and on behalf of the State Government too, in as much as State Government is always vicariously liable for all such legal and illegal actions of its employees, done in respect of and within the colors of their their respective jobs. So now the Silence of Gujarat State Government is not remained any question mark at all, but it seems to be a simple politically oriented move, putting gun on others' shoulders. And if it is true, it may be understood as a deemed consent and active participation of our State Government into an illegal ban of the poor passengers people of Gujarat by its agents and ST Employees, for which all of them can be jointly and severally liable too for all inconvenience to the people at large in the eyes of laws.

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