Monday, March 25, 2013

Can a majority of legislators pass any Bill against the Verdict of the Supreme Court of India ??

When the Supreme Court of India has confirmed who shall be Lokayukta of Gujarat, and all legal battles of Gujarat Government are completely exhausted and duly ended by the Apex Court in the eyes of Laws, then, how Modi's Government can reform the whole Lokayukta Act, to suit their ends and save their skin ?? And as the newly reformed Gujarat LokayuktaAayog Bill 2013, proposed by Mr. Narendra Modi's Gujarat government does take away with the right of the Chief Justice of the Gujarat high court and the governor to suggest and appoint the Lokayukta and retain the controversial provision of the Aayog submitting its report to the chief minister and the council of ministers with the latter deciding upon its acceptance, it is absolutely a non-judicial executive action, where final authority shall be only a chief minister, who will be a judge over all complaints against himself and his ministry... !!!! It is also surprising that nobody shall be allowed to go before public in respect of any verdicts or proceedings under the proposed Act In a democratic country, no such law should have been enacted where an accused may be empowered to be a judge in respect of a complaint against him..and where the right of expression and to challenge injustice is proposed to be curbed.. In fact, It will never meet any ends of justice at all...but this seems to be a final effort of frustrated Gujarat Government to enact a law against the fundamental rights and the basis principles of democracy...Can a majority of legislators pass any such proposed Bill against the Verdict of the Supreme Court of India ??

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