Sunday, March 24, 2013

Illustrative Redressal by Consumer Forum of Surendranager against an unqualified Lab Technician

For preparing wrong blood report due to which the death of a three-year-old kid, namely, Jaynil Rawal, died during treatment, The Consumer Dispute Redressal Forum, Surendranagar has reportedly prohibited an unqualified laboratory technician, Mr. Rupesh Shah of Rushabh Pathology Laboratory, from issuing blood investigation reports with his signature and has further ordered to pay Rs 5 lakh towards compensation, as per the recent guidelines set up by the Hon'ble Gujarat High Court that no laboratory technician without having an qualifying degree in pathology can run such a lab in Gujarat.It is said that the medical test report of the aforesaid Rushabh Laboratory had reported upon investigation that Jaynil was suffering from falciparum malaria, for which first treatment was given, but the patient's condition was further deteriorated. Hence he was admitted to CU Shah Medical Hospital where it was found he had no falciparum malaria at all, but his haemoglobin had reduced from 10.02 to just 3.03 count, causing his death, upon further medical investigative report.Therefore after hearing both parties to the proceeding, the consumer court held Mr. Rupesh Shah of Rushabh Pathology Laboratory, awfully guilty of giving wrong blood investigation report, with a significant observation, while deciding compensation as reported in a daily newspaper today, that "Human life cannot be valued in money, but still certain parameters are taken into consideration to decide the amount of compensation in such cases. The forum believes that the full compensation amount demanded should be granted in this case." The consumer forum has also exercised its all powers by restraining such the unqualified technician people from providing harmful services under section 14 (1)(HA) of the Consumer Protection Act too, setting up a pretty good illustrative redressal in the eyes of laws and justice.

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